Canadian Truckers make a stand for Freedom


I had the pleasure of interviewing Jay and Blair, Canadian Freedom Truckers, who spoke to me at the Ottawa protest. Jay succinctly explained:

“We’re just here to try and get our freedoms back and to make sure that this country is still something to be proud of again.”

Blair shared his story about the unjust treatment he and his family have received for choosing to not consent to a Covid experimental vaccine. He lives on an island in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and told me how their local grocery store refuses to sell them basic food supplies. He has to take a ferry to the mainland to purchase what he and his family need.

The medical apartheid system doesn’t end there, even on the ferry the unvaccinated are segregated and forced to sit at the back of the vessel. They’re not even allowed to purchase food on the ferry. This is a stark reminder of the events that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the birth of the civil rights movement in the US, where the brave Rosa Parks refused to give up her front seat to a white passenger in a segregated bus.

Blair’s experience is not an isolated one. It’s unequivocal that the unvaccinated are being treated as second class citizens in Canada and in many other parts of the world. Their civil rights have been stripped away; their views are deemed “unacceptable”; they’re categorised as a “fringe minority.”

Where does this all end?

You don’t have to look too far down the corridors of time to know what horrors can culminate from that particular way of thinking.

Has the Canadian trucker protest morphed into a worldwide movement for the rights of the unvaccinated? It seems to be heading that way. Their simple act of peaceful rebellion by refusing to leave until they “get their freedoms back” may just be enough to turn the tide- it may just be a Rosa Parks seminal moment.